Strategic Partners

Meridian has developed excellent long-term working relationships with many respected firms in the Pacific Northwest. We regularly combine our services with the firms listed below to develop project teams that are specifically tailored to provide the best expertise for our clients.

Smayda Environmental Associates

Meridian collaborates with Smayda Environmental Associates, Inc. (SEA) in the area of stream, wetland, and estuarine restoration, rare plant surveys, and noxious weed management plans. SEA has expertise in civil engineering and plant ecology to create the physical and biological design for restoration projects. Our projects together have included the Mouth of the Columbia River North Jetty Project, Sunset Fish Passage and Energy Project, and Regional Rare Plant Surveys on the Tongass National Forest. Services offered by SEA can be viewed at

Watershed GeoDynamics

Watershed GeoDynamics specializes in analyzing the effects of water and land management on flows, sediment, and aquatic habitat. Services include sediment transport analysis, surface water hydrology, substrate/large woody debris and aquatic habitat mapping and sampling, mass wasting and erosion analysis, and preparation of sediment budgets. Meridian has worked with Watershed GeoDynamics for over 20 years on tasks such as hydropower licensing and license implementation for the Nisqually, Cowlitz, Cushman, and Pelton Round Butte projects. For more information, contact Kathy Dubé, geomorphologist and owner, at