Our Services

Meridian Environmental understands the significance of our clients' environmental and regulatory needs. We apply our knowledge to meet their project goals in the most efficient manner. Clients, no matter the size or scope of their project or program, are the essence of our firm, and we measure success by completing projects to their satisfaction. Services we provide include the following:

Hydropower Licensing, Relicensing, and Compliance

As members of the FERC Engineering and Environmental Services contractor team since 1998, we manage technical and NEPA compliance for projects nationwide, including reviewing license applications for adequacy, writing FERC's environmental assessment documents, and preparing the FERC license articles. For our utility and private clients, we provide environmental feasibility analyses; license applications, amendments and transfers; strategic planning and collaborative negotiations; natural resource studies; and post-license monitoring, compliance and reporting.
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Aquatic Resources

Meridian biologists assess fish species composition, distribution, abundance, habitat use, population dynamics, and limiting factors using a variety of techniques. These include radio telemetry, fish trapping, electrofishing, snorkeling, hydroacoustics, remote PIT tag detection systems, underwater videography, and detailed habitat mapping. We also evaluate fish passage and entrainment, conduct fish salvage and creel surveys, inventory zooplankton and aquatic invertebrates, and conduct agency negotiations.
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Aquaculture Programs

Meridian planners and biologists have prepared and updated numerous Hatchery and Genetic Management Plans for both anadromous and resident hatchery programs. For newly proposed aquaculture facilities, we collaborate with engineers and bioprogramming specialists to prepare Master Plans that meet the requirements of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and the Independent Scientific Review Panel. Our expertise has been strengthened by our participation in the review of over 300 salmonid populations in the Columbia Basin as contractors to the Hatchery Scientific Review Group and in a similar review of all anadromous hatchery programs in California.
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Terrestrial Resources

Our terrestrial ecologists evaluate upland, riparian and wetland habitat using a variety of methods; interpret aerial photographs; map cover types; and conduct surveys for noxious weeds and rare, threatened and endangered plant and animal species. We also develop mitigation and management plans, including silvicultural treatments to improve forest stand conditions.
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Wetland Resources

Meridian inventories and delineates wetlands, evaluates their functions and values, and prepares mitigation and restoration plans. Our specialists can navigate city and county critical areas ordinance compliance and state and U.S. Army Corps of Engineering permitting processes.
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Endangered Species Act (ESA) Compliance

Meridian conducts aquatic and terrestrial species surveys and leads negotiations with NOAA Fisheries and the USFWS. We have successfully prepared Biological Evaluations and Biological Assessments that meet informal and formal ESA Section 7 and Section 10 consultation requirements.
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Water Quality Assessments

For instream work or continuing hydropower operations, Meridian conducts Section 401 Certification consultation and application preparation. We design water quality studies and monitor compliance with state standards.
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Environmental Permitting and Compliance

Meridian specializes in instream and near-stream permitting at a federal, state and local level. We have successfully permitted large water resource developments and fisheries facilities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and California on federal, state and private lands. Land use development on federal lands is another area of expertise.
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Environmental Analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Meridian has managed NEPA processes on behalf of federal agencies including Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. We understand the requirements and potential pitfalls of the NEPA process, and have successfully guided our clients through the process, from public scoping through final EA/EIS preparation and publication.
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Writing, Editing and Document Production

Meridian staff have strong written communication skills and are supported by an in-house editor and production specialist. We regularly prepare scientific and technical reports, environmental compliance documents (including environmental assessments and environmental impact statements), and ESA documentation (biological assessments, biological evaluations) in various electronic formats.
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GIS Analysis

Data acquisition, organization and compilation are regularly performed by Meridian in support of natural resource assessment and research. GIS products are regularly produced as stand-alone deliverables or as integral parts of study reports using ARC-GIS.
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Database Development

Access databases are designed to manage large volumes of information. These custom applications, along with Excel data management programs, are used by Meridian to organize and manage public comments, water quality data, permits and their status, and also to support technical analyses.
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Project Planning and Management

Our experienced project managers collaborate with clients on strategic planning, goal setting, issue identification, team management, study designs, public involvement plans, and stakeholder consultation.
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