Planning and Project Management

Kootenai River Native Fish Conservation Aquaculture Master Plan

Kootenai Tribe of Idaho and BPA
Meridian prepared a Master Plan for this experimental facility to rear endangered Kootenai white sturgeon and burbot, an effort involving coordination and compilation of contributions from engineers, biologists, planners and the Tribe. The plan was approved by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and Independent Scientific Review Panel, and Meridian's efforts then transitioned to managing environmental compliance services for facility construction and operation. This hatchery began successful operation on schedule in 2014.

Southeast Alaska Microwave Network

AP&T Wireless, Alaska
Meridian managed all permitting requirements for the new construction or facility upgrade of seven mountain-top communication sites for AP&T between Ketchikan and Haines, Alaska. Meridian staff conducted on-site environmental reviews, wrote environmental assessments and biological evaluations, and prepared permit documentation for approval by the US Forest Service, State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Aviation Administration.